‘Animasaurus-Incredible Animals that Roamed the Earth,’ by Tracey Turner, illustrated by Harriet Russell.

Did you know that there was once an enormous snake called a Titanoboa which was over 14.5m long?! Find out more about this, and many other, prehistoric animals in the fascinating pages of this book.


Organised into  four subsections (plant-eaters, sea creatures, predators and creepy-crawlers), Animasaurus is absolutely packed full of the most terrifying and amazing creatures.

I liked the way that these creatures we linked to their modern day relatives – some of the family trees were very surprising!

The pages are a combination of colourful illustrations, photographs and text. Bold headings and subheadings make the information easy to navigate. I especially liked the fact bar at the bottom of each page.


I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this book – there’s so much to learn and marvel at!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me this title to review*

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