Magical First Chapter Books from Hayley Daze.

I’m delighted to introduce you to a magical new series from author Hayley Daze and publisher Willow Tree Books. It features a range of cute and cuddly magical who whisk their human friends away for far-flung adventures.


Cuddle the Magic Kitten – Magical Friends by Hayley Daze.

The first story in the series sees new neighbours Olivia and Grace befriended by a magical kitten (whom they call Cuddles) and transported back in time to Ancient Egypt. When there, they meet Beset who is searching for the Pharoah’s lost kitten, Cleo. The girls immediately set about helping find the lost kitten and uncover the mysteries of the pyramid.

Muddle the Magic Puppy – The Magic Party by Hayley Daze.

In this enchanted tale, a cheeky puppy whisks his friends Ruby and Harry to Arabia where they find themselves participating in a magic carpet race! Can they help Aziz win the race and meet the princess who owns a magical lamp containing a genie who just might grant Aziz a very special wish?

This series is just perfect for newly independent readers who want to add chapter books to their reading repertoire (never disregard picture books!) The clear layout, plentiful illustrations and cute creatures are bound to appeal to readers aged 5 and up.  Each book also features a teaser chapter from the next story so there are plenty more tales to keep readers enthralled.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Willow Tree Books for sending me these titles to review*

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