Unicorn Academy…Where Magic Happens.

Unicorns are currently riding high on a wave of popularity – there’s a constant queue of children clamouring for magical titles in our school library. That’s why I know they (and our librarian) will be delighted to learn about the sparkling new ‘Unicorn Academy’ series by Julie Sykes, illustrated by Lucy Truman and published by Nosy Crow.


Sophia and Rainbow

Sophia has just turned ten and is finally old enough to attend the Unicorn Academy and have a unicorn of her own.  She can’t wait to learn how to protect the island and discover what special power her unicorn will have.

The first few weeks whizz by and Sophia loves her unicorn, Rainbow. However, some of the unicorns start losing their magic powers – something’s wrong with Sparkle Lake and it’s affecting the unicorns.  Sophia and Rainbow know they can fix it, but they will need to overcome their fears and enter the woods.

Scarlett and Blaze

It’s time for another magical tale from Unicorn Academy and the island is experiencing an unusually cold snap. Might this be the year that Sparkle Lake freezes over? Scarlett and Isabel certainly hope so; then they can go ice skating.

However, when ice crystals start forming in the unicorns’ drinking water, a frozen lake doesn’t seem like quite so much fun. If the unicorns can’t drink their special water, they’ll get sick and lose their magical powers.

Scarlett and Blaze decide to discover who’s behind the icy spell and put things right again.

Full of magic, sparkle and just the right amount of adventure, this new series will enthrall readers aged seven and up who are mad about unicorns. There are plenty of illustrations within the book to support comprehension of the narrative and add interest. The text is always well-spaced and not too intimidating for someone’s who’s perhaps just starting to read chapter books.

Look out for number three in the series coming soon: ‘Ava and Star.’

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me these titles to review*



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