Sailing the Seven Seas

Protecting our oceans in a hot topic at the moment, with campaigners and some big business working to try to reduce the amount of pollution being dumped into the sea.  Plastic in particular is being highlighted as a significant danger and was, interestingly, the most-used word in Radio 2s ‘500 Word’ story-writing competition for children.

With this in mind, I’d like to highlight some of the gorgeous new titles I’ve been sent recently which would fit in beautifully with nautical theme.

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The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer (Thames and Hudson)

Another stunning edition to add the collection of gorgeously-illustrated and fascinating non-fiction books by Yuval Zommer. Learn about ocean families and marine conservation. Glide with the rays or swim with the sharks – the choice is yours. Packed full of fascinating snippets of information about each creature, including dragonets!


The Brilliant Deep – rebuilding the World’s coral reefs  by Kate Messner and Matthew Forsythe (Chronicle Kids)

With coral bleaching and marine pollution, some of the greatest wonders of our world – corals reefs – have never been in more danger. This book tells the story of Ken Nedimyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Society. Teaching us that it just takes one person with one idea and a bucketful of hope to make a difference. Beautiful soft illustrations help recreate the dreamy underwater world of the World’s oceans.


Steve, Terror of the Seas by Megan Brewlis (OUP)

Wherever Steve goes, fish (and indeed people) swim away, screaming in terror. He just can’t understand it, there are much scarier fish in the sea! A perfect balance between fiction and non-fiction and a great introduction for little ones to the vast biodiversity of the seas. Funny, informative with a twist in its tail.


The Real Boat by Marina Aromshtan, illustrated by Victoria Semykina (Templar Publishing)

An epic tale of a little paper boat who strikes out on an adventure determined to reach the unimaginably huge ocean. A whole array of wonderfully personified sea-faring vessels help (or don’t help) little paper boat on its way.  Translated from Russian and sumptuously illustrated, the text sparkles as brightly as the illustrations.  An absolute jewel among picture books – one for older readers as well as young ones. Stunning.

Something for everyone amongst that selection and plenty of food for thought.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Templar Publishing, OUP, Chronicle Kids and Thames & Hudson for sending me these titles to review*










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