‘Octopants,’ by Suzy Senior, illustrated by Claire Powell.

Imagine not being able to get any underwear that fits. Pants, right?!  Now imagine being an octopus in that same situation – 8x as pants!


There seem to be pants for every other fish/ cephalopod in the ocean, except for poor old eight-legged octopus. There’s evening wear for eels and jewellery for jellyfish; it’s just not fair!

Octopus is embarrassed about his lack of undercrackers and swims off in hunt of the perfect pair (or four). Just as things are looking hopeless, and Octopus is on the verge of giving up, he starts to look at his problem from a different perspective and might just have found a solution….

This was an instant hit with the littlest Book Boy at bedtime, and even biggest Book Boy snuck in when he heard the story which is anything but pants! The bouncy rhyming text, pantstastic theme and hilarious illustrations made it a winner all round.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Little Tiger for sending us this title to review*

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