‘The Big Angry Roar,’ by Jonny Lambert.

Sometimes a child’s emotions can build up inside them until they think thet might pop.  This story may help them find away to express their emotions in a healthier way.



Cub is angry. His sister keeps getting him into trouble and it’s just not fair! Feelings of anger are building up inside him and he just can’t let them out. His animal friends try to help, but nothing seems quite right.  Until he discovers his roar – with disastrous consequences.


Written and illustrated by the award-winning Jonny Lambert, this funny but heart-warning story will help any child experiencing feelings of anger and struggling to know what to do with them. It will also help them learn that it’s quite  normal to feel angry sometimes and there are things we can do to make it up to those around us.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Little Tiger for sending me this title to review*




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