‘Gorebrah! The Mightiest Chef in the Universe!’ by James Stayte.

Since reading the awesome The Phoenix comic, Book Boy has become a huge fan of graphic novels. So when I was offered the opportunity to review ‘Gorebrah,’ I was told in no uncertain terms that I definitely did have to!


Originally to be found on the pages of The Phoenix, Gorebrah is a chef with a difference. Master chef and barbarian warrior, every day is a cooking adventure. Fancy lasagne? Boring! Gorebrah is on hand to rustle up a delicious zombie lasagne – slightly more undead and a lot less hygienic than your standard layered pasta and meat dish!

Set out like a recipe book, there and plenty of hints, tips and recipe ideas liberally scattered in between Gorebrah’s culinary adventures. Plenty to laugh at, plenty of gross and plenty of fantastic meal ideas if you’re looking to expand your repertoire! (The ‘Memories of Desserts Past’ cupcakes are my personal favourite.)


8909C8C9-9D06-4CC3-83F9-E59AC4C40F3AWell as I had to let Book Boy have first read of this one (because he stole it from me!) So I thought it only fair to ask him for a quote for this review.

Here’s what he had to say: “It was incredibly funny and just brilliant! My highlight was – everything! Gorebrah is wonderfully stupid.”

I think that’s pretty good then? I have a feeling that this book will have disappeared into the depths of Book Boy’s bedroom before I’ve had time to post this review! Update – it has now disappeared, along with Claire: Justice Ninja.

Library Girl (and Book Boy!)

*Many thanks to to David Fickling Books for sending us this title to review*


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