What’s New Pussycat?

After my recent round up of doggy titles, it’s time for the cats to take over! From picture books to middle grade titles, there’s something for all fans of fabulous felines.

5A413457-2D03-4055-A551-0B908856326B‘It’s My Sausage,’ by Alex Willmore (Maverick Publishing)

There are five cats but only one sausage. And none of them are that keen on sharing. It’s current possessor will stop at nothing to protect and has rigged up a rather elaborate defence mechanism. But can anything good ever come of refusing to share?

A funny tale about the importance of sharing and consequences with bold, character-crammed illustrations. 2+

Now to welcome ‘Kitty’ the star of a brand new series of first chapter books for readers aged 5+ from Oxford University Press.


Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue,’ by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Løvlie (OUP)

Kitty’s family has a secret – mum is a superhero with the cat-like abilities such as seeing perfectly in the dark, effortlessly climbing walls and (best of all), the ability to talk to cats! She spends the nights helping people in need and Kitty knows that one day she will become a superhero too.

When Figaro the cat comes to her bedroom window asking for help, Kitty knows that she’s going to have to face her fear of the dark to investigate the terrible noise coming from the clock tower.

A great choice for newly confident readers aged 5+ full of the thrill of adventure and the twinkle of starlight.

’Kitty and the Tiger Treasure,’ by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Løvlie (OUP)

Kitty is very excited to be going to the Hallam City Museum to see the priceless Golden Tiger statue. Legend has it that it can grant your heart’s desire if you touch its paw. But if a baddie does something awful, it might just conjure up a ghost to scare them.

When Kitty tiptoes across the town’s rooftops to pay a secret visit to the statue. Something goes terribly wrong. Someone steals the precious statue and Kitty gets the blame! She must clear her name and find the culprit before sunrise or the exhibition will be ruined!

Just enough intrigue and suspense to keep readers hooked and a purrfect villain! Løvlie’s stunning two-tone illustrations generously adorn every page and are full of magic and humour.


A1B8892F-93BF-4DAC-B6D8-A947375F5E2E’Wigglesbottom Primary: The Classroom Cat,’ by Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Becka Moor (Nosy Crow)

This newest Wigglesbottom Primary instalment contains three short but perfectly-formed stories, making it ideal for newly independent readers seeking a first chapter book to enjoy. Highly illustrated and packed with humour. We love this series!

The weird and wonderful is always happening at Wigglesbottom Primary, where the children have fantastic imaginations. Coincidence?

First there’s the mysterious arrival of a cat on Fish Dinner Monday and appears to be trying to pass them a message. Then there’s a cautionary tale about catching Puddle Pox from eating snacks picked up off the floor. And the final story is about strange things happening when someone brought their imaginary friend on a school trip.

A8214CEF-1AC5-4580-8A95-C653260F1E3A’Ellie and the Cat’ by Malorie Blackman, illustrated by Matt Robertson (Barrington Stoke)

Ellie does not want to stay at her grumpy granny’s house whilst Dad’s away on business. She is not a parcel and she’s sick of being passed from person to person. She is determined not to behave for Grandma, and soon convinces her that she’s the rudest, most spoilt child in existence.

Ellie’s plan backfires when, in a puff of magic, she switches paces with Grandma’s mean old cat, Jolly. And she won’t be swapping back unless she can find Grandma’s lost wedding ring by tomorrow! Can she change her ways and prove she can be good? Or will she be trapped as a cat forever?  Another brilliant, snappy read from dyslexia-friendly publisher, Barrington Stoke and one of the U.K.’s top children’s authors. 8+

125EA0B4-0295-4561-A032-78D841B1669DMax the Detective Cat: The Catnap Caper’ by Sarah Todd Taylor, illustrated by Nicola Kinnear (Nosy Crow)

Max, the crime-busying cat extraordinaire, is back. He can’t wait to head to Paris with Agnes and Sylvia to meet the exquisitely talented Madame Emerald again. She’s going to be judging a prestigious singing competition which will captivate the whole city. But whilst the rich and famous of the city are enjoying the show, their cats are being kidnapped! But by whom? And why?

I love this witty, classy and slightly nostalgic title full of old-fashioned glamour and mystery.  Highly-illustrated and with a host of loveable characters, this series would be excellent for anyone aged 8+

So there you have it. Some purrfect choices to snuggle up with when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

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  1. Rachael says:

    I’m getting That’s My Sausage – that looks loads of fun!
    Weirdly I have some dog and cat themed posts lined up too, but all very firmly at the younger end as Peapod is a bit cat and fog mad at the moment!

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