Brilliant Biographies

‘Trailblazer’ series from Stripes Publishing

This series is aimed at readers aged 8+ and features some of history’s greatest pioneers from all walks of life. They are absolutely packed with facts, trivia and illustrations, making for engaging reads.

BA898255-3A78-4993-B9B3-0F00113C47A4Harriet Tubman: A Journey To Freedom, by Sandra A. Agard, illustrated by Luisa Uribe, George Ermos, and Manhar Chauhan. 

Born a slave, Harriet had a very hard life. On 1849, she made the brave and dangerous decision to run away and head north. Although her life was in danger, she journeyed back down South again and again, leading many other slaves to freedom. A fascinating read about a civil war hero and women’s rights activist.

7AB39C5A-DCCA-4144-B114-BA64D11DA724Jane Goodall: A Life With Chimps, by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Luisa Uribe, George Ermos, and Keiron Ward.

Jane had always dreamed of working with and studying animals in the wild. As soon as the chance arrived, she set sail for Africa to observe primates. Despite people’s reservations about a young woman being so far away from home, Jane soon became one of the world’s greatest experts on primate behaviour.


1573C3AC-C9B7-49EE-AA52-0CDE39D46D2CAlbert Einstein: The Greatest Name in Physics by Paul Virr, illustrated by Luisa Uribe and Keiron Ward.

As a child, Einstein paid little attention to his teachers, preferring to work things out for himself. He often seemed to be lost in a dream and was eventually expelled from school. But in 1919 his radical new theory of relativity transformed how people thought about the workings of the galaxy and the universe. A true groundbreaker.

First Names’ series from David Fickling Books

This series is also aimed at readers aged 8+ and features illustrations on every page, alongside each subject’s amazing story.

A0F9E4D8-4F54-40F9-82A9-0D0E09BCB41DMalala Yousafzai by Lisa Williamson, illustrated by Mike Smith.

I am sure that a lot of primary school-aged children will have heard of Malala – the fifteen-year-old schoolgirl who defied the Taliban in Pakistan by fighting for girls’ rights to attend school. Despite being shot in the head, Malala continued fighting for equal rights and became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!


Plenty of inspiration and food for thought within those pages. Make sure you look for the other titles in the series too.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Stripes Publishing and David Fickling Books for sending me these titles to review*




2 thoughts on “Brilliant Biographies

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    Biographies have long been a bugbear of mine and were usually uninspiring for the younger reader – many current ones still are. These however not only look inspirational and clearly well thought out, but fun too. Definitely presented and illustrated to enthuse the younger reader, in fact, I am quite taken with buying them to read myself before gifting on.

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