The ‘Football Superstars’ from Welbeck Publishing.

I live in a house of football-mad boys and although there are plenty of football-themed titles for my eldest (10-year-old) son, it has been much trickier to find any decent biographies for my six-year-old. That’s why I was so delighted to be sent copies of two of the titles in the ‘Football Superstars’ biography series, written by Simon Mugford and illustrated by Dan Green.


The series so far has biographies of Messi, Ronaldo, Kane and Mbappé. The series is aimed at readers aged five and up, and would definitely appeal to older, less confident readers, as well as younger fans.

Each book follows its star from childhood to DC5553D8-4DAF-4F71-BC07-C61E424269D8superstardom. Find out how Ronaldo went from kicking bottles in the street to becoming one of the sport’s biggest icons, or at what age Messi joined his first club. As well as the players’ life stories, there are also pages of stats, facts, figures and tips, all packed with engaging illustrations.

These come highly recommended by Book Boy Jr. and myself. My husband is waiting for them to produce a book about one of his Ipswich Town heroes before he’ll pass comment!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Welbeck Publishing for sending me these titles to review*



2 thoughts on “The ‘Football Superstars’ from Welbeck Publishing.

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    You have my sympathy if you are stuck with football-mad kids. But it is a great hobby and if there is a way to encourage reading as well as physical activity I am all for it. I applaud Welbeck for getting these together for the younger reader, too.


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