‘How to be Extraordinary,’ by Rashmi Sirdeshpande, illustrated by Annabel Tempest.

I love that the whole premise of this book is to inspire readers to think about how they are extraordinary too. Inside, is a fabulous selection of inspirational figures from around the world – some well-known and some less so.


This wonderful book is so packed full of some of the most amazing people, that you can’t help but feel motivated to get up and do something when you’ve finished reading. Political and environmental activists, First Ladies, scientists and spies all get their very own double-page spreads, adorned with facts and full colour illustrations.


Sirdeshpande is careful to highlight the vast range of socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures her subjects game from, and what they had to do to achieve their goals. The writing is informative but easy to access thanks to its lightness of time and text layout.

Sure to inspire all its readers.

“Keep climbing that ladder, but… Don’t lose sight of the fun.” Sir ‘Mo’ Farah.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Puffin books for sending me this title to review*


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