#TuesdayReviewsDay ‘Mark Anchovy: Pizza Detective,’ by William Goldsmith.

As part of our new schedule, #BookBoy and #BookBoyJr will be posting new reviews every Tuesday (#TuesdayReviewsDay.) This weekend, Book Boy has been reading the first in a new series of pun-filled mysteries from Piccadilly Press.

Mark Anchovy (aka Colin Kingsley) is a pizza delivery boy and aspiring private detective – he is desperate for a real case to solve. Luckily for him, the Golden Spatula League have been wowed by his memory skills and come knocking on his door. They are one of the world’s greatest detective agencies and only recruit children.

His first mission is to head to Rome and track the movements of known art thief (and pizza addict), Mr Big Alan Fresco. He’s suspected of stealing a renowned masterpiece worth over 20 million US dollars. Using only his wits and his memory, Mark Anchovy must crack the code and sole the greatest mystery The League has ever encountered.

Here’s what Book Boy had to say: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was exceptional in every way it had everything. It is nothing like any other book I have ever read. I loved all the characters and the puns – OMG! We also had fun translating the GSL’s motto on Google translate – but we’re not sure how accurate it was!


Last week’s #TuesdayReviewsDay title was the fab Super Stan by Elaine Wickson. Click HERE for Book Boy’s review.

Library Girl and Book Boy.

*Many thank you Piccadilly Press for sending me this title to review*





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