Christmas Advent – Day 16 ‘A Christmas in Time,’ by Sally Nicholls, cover illustration by Isabelle Follath.

If you haven’t already discovered this excellent time-slip adventure series featuring siblings Alex and Ruby, nows your chance as they slip through their aunt’s mirror and head off for a Victorian Christmas.

Ever since discovering that the mirror in their aunt’s hallway is a portal to the past (see – ‘A Chase in Time’), siblings Alex and Ruby are desperate to visit Applecott House again to see if it had another historical mystery for them to save. Luckily the opportunity arose much sooner than they had anticipated when Aunt Joanna broke her leg and needed her family’s help to keep the house running for the guests at Christmas.

Although not convinced they want to spend their Christmas holiday working, the pair are delighted to have the excuse to visit the magical mirror again. It doesn’t take long for Alex and Ruby to catch a glimpse of a Victorian woman in the mirror and get transported back in time, bang, slap in the middle of a Victorian Christmas. It’s a lovely time full of candles, games and singing – unless you’re the poor, motherless Edith who’s condemned to to be sent to a cruel boarding school on Boxing Day. Can her strict father be persuaded otherwise?

I love this series of time-slip historical mysteries from Sally Nicholls. They’re full of warmth, fun and historical details to entrance newly confident readers. ‘A Christmas in Time’ is full of the festive glow you would expect from such a wonderful writer. 7+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to review*

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