Empathy Lab Blog Tour: ‘Walking in someone else’s shoes,’ featuring Cath Howe.

The 10th June 2021 is Empathy Day – Empathy Lab aims to spark a new national conversation about building a more empathetic society, and help young people learn more about empathy and put it into practice. They have produced some excellent ‘Read for Empathy’ book lists and activity packs to help schools and families develop the skill of empathy.

When I was invited to pair with an author and test out one of the excellent empathy-developing activities in the Empathy Day Family Packs, I leapt at the chance. Not only because I was going to be paired with one of my favourite authors – Cath Howe. We were asked to write postcards home from the perspective of one of our favourite book characters. Here are our book character holiday postcards!

I imagined Hagrid on holiday – he’d obviously have to visit somewhere with lots of weird and wonderful creatures and would probably have some trouble blending in when he got there! Here is a postcard I imagined them sending to Harry Potter (who has been charged with looking after Hagrid’s dog, Fang, whilst he’s away.) Cath wrote a postcard home from Lucas, the main character in her newest book, ‘How to be Me.’ Have a go at this activity yourself using the guide in @EmpathyLabUK’s Family Activities Pack

Cath Howe is one of my favourite middle grade authors – her stories are always so carefully observed with the subject matter and dialogue always being spot on. You can find my review of ‘Ella on the Outside’ HERE or of ‘Not My Fault’ HERE. I guarantee that you will laugh, cry, and celebrate with the characters – prepare for an emotional rollercoaster!

Library Girl.

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